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Several taboos of website optimization

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Several taboos of website optimization

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Hejian website optimization prompts you to optimize several taboos:
Taboo one: Don't try to imitate other people's websites for a long time.
The content of a website is like the flesh of a person. If every part of a person is exactly the same as another person, then they become a person. As for search engines, the latecomers will lose In order to understand the meaning of existence, naturally, there will be no outstanding reflection in the ranking. As a station, you can learn the high-quality content of other people's websites. This article is more in line with the tastes of Internet users. Such articles remain original to the website and become more sticky to the Internet users. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone. The disadvantage is that it takes too much time and energy. The ability to summarize and clean up and extract key content. The so-called inspection period of the search engine is not only a test of the website itself, but also a test of the website operator. In view of this, to become a qualified webmaster, you should learn to innovate, from the beauty of the website to the content of the website Chain layout, etc., the blind webmaster should stop at this step, seriously think about and plan the development direction and development method of his own website.
Taboo 2: Do not implement optimization plans without a plan or a plan.
Successful optimization methods are built on the foundation of high-quality website content. The website does not have good user experience. Even though some optimization methods can achieve short-term outstanding rankings, but with the acceleration of the search engine algorithm update frequency, Sooner or later will be thrown away by Internet users and search engines, so before the implementation of the optimization plan, the website itself must be built. On this basis, the website is put into a benign development track through reasonable and scientific optimization techniques. If the user experience of a website reaches a certain level, a successful optimization strategy should have a high degree of naturalness, that is, whether it is from the social sharing of data or from the number and breadth of the external chain distribution, it is in line with the natural increase method. For example: if your website adds 100 useful external links today, and you only need to add one every day afterwards, or even the website ’s external links plunge overnight due to the high concentration of optimized resources, then this optimization The traces will be clearly exposed to the search engine's eyes, then the K station is only a matter of time, so in addition to doing optimization, it is more important to learn how to scientifically and rationally arrange a reasonable and natural optimization plan.
Hejian Website Optimization
Taboo three: Do n’t mess around with your external links and exchange your friendship links.
Judging from the impact of Baidu's previous external chain buying and selling behavior, we can see the importance of external links to its ranking. As an optimizer, we should attach great importance to external links and friendship links. Here, I want to clarify that the external chain is not to publish an external chain to any place that can maintain the external chain. Real and useful external links should have the following characteristics:
First of all, it is best to publish themes and websites with the same themes and characteristics as the website to be optimized. Imagine a website that sells steel goes to a website that sells clothes and posts information about clothes sales and leaves keywords and links at the end. Instead of having such a moment, think about how to publish a high-quality external link.
Secondly, external link articles must be crawled by search engines. This is well understood. If you publish external link articles that have not been crawled by search engines, it appears to search engines that this article does not exist. So if you post an article with a link in a local area, to make it effective, it is necessary to ensure that this article is entered by search engines.
Third, the communication of friendship links should be regular and the relevance of the content of the friendship website should be valued.
To a certain extent, the friendly link can be said to be a high-quality external link, so it is more important than the external link. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the handling of the friendly link. The friendly link can hold two criteria. One is Don't skyrocket or slump the number of friendship links. The second is to try not to conduct friendly exchanges with sites that are not related to the topic. This has already been stated in the first point of Taboo 3.
Finally, I sincerely tell search engine optimization staff not to trust other people's ideas and methods about seo, neither can they be completely rejected, nor can they be accepted in full. To truly become a qualified optimizer, it is necessary to learn and practice. Remember In a word, you must rely on your own learning and accumulation of resources to do everything well. The difference between seo masters and novices is not the difference in basic theories, but also the seo masters have a lot of seo resources. Here contains Network resources, as well as some stacked media resources, etc., are not learned close to learning, they are made on the basis of learning. I ’ve saved so much, I hope to help you, and finally I wish you webmasters success in advance.
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