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Website Optimization Knowledge: Long Tail Keywords

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Website Optimization Knowledge: Long Tail Keywords

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What are long tail words? The so-called long tail keywords refer to those words that have a small amount of search and are not stable, but can bring traffic to the website. In a way, as long as one word is likely to be searched, it can be called a long tail word. This may be more abstract. The Hejian website production company will make a detailed analysis of long tail words to help us better understand the meaning of long tail words for the website.
Why do you want to optimize long tail words? This is because the number of keywords on your homepage is limited, and the traffic you bring to the first place will be limited. The same is true for the section page, and the difficulty is also relatively large. The emergence of long tail words has made the website's ability to get traffic infinite. And the long-tail word competition is low, it is very easy to optimize it. The traffic brought by many long-tail words can also promote the optimization of the keywords on the homepage. An analogy can be made: the main page keywords are optimized with dots and faces, and the main long tail words are optimized with dots.
Long-tail keywords are relatively long, often consisting of 2-3 words, or even phrases. Long tail words are generally more accurate, and competitions are relatively weak, so it is basically a long article for one article. SEO planners of large portal sites will arrange many long tail keywords for the website in the optimization plan.
The fundamental characteristics of long tail keywords are: extensibility, pertinence, and scale. For example, the word SEO is a hot word at first glance, and it is a bit difficult to put it directly on the homepage. So if it's SEO skills? Is it less difficult? Then you can use section pages. If it is SEO basics, how to quickly get started with SEO, etc.? Can it be put on the article page? This is the long tail word. You can extend and expand around the word SEO according to your needs, and then arrange accordingly, you can achieve good results.
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