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How does Hejian Network Company, a small website, optimize external links

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How does Hejian Network Company, a small website, optimize external links

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The optimization of large websites depends on content, and the optimization of small websites depends on external links. Hejian Internet companies generally belong to small websites, so the optimization of corporate website construction is mainly based on external links. Doing external links is a very headache. On the one hand, you must do it every day, and on the other hand, you must maintain high-quality external links. For small websites, how to effectively build a website external link?

Website external links need to be developed and also need to be adhered to

It is not easy to find a high-quality website for sending outbound links. For the operators of corporate websites who are looking for outbound links, how to keep the outbound links from being deleted on such a high-quality website? It is obviously irresponsible to throw in an external link. To keep the external link firmly on this website, you need to do your homework.

First of all, familiar with the operation routine of this website, may wish to see how the external links of other websites are posted, you can also check the quality of external links through Baidu search. Secondly, we must learn to persist, that is, instead of completing a day of visits, we must give ourselves a fixed cycle. These cycles can do this, visit every day, keep for a month, or visit twice a week, or visit monthly. Once, and then every time I publish an external link on this website to observe its effect and the stability of the external link. Finally, be good at summing up. Why are the external links of other websites sent up, and the external links you publish are easily deleted? Ask yourself a few more reasons and find the reasons and methods to ensure the effectiveness of external links. .

Some webmasters will say that you asked me to stare at this website for a month or more, and I have no other work to do. In fact, this is a bit confusing, you can arrange it according to your own time, because the time to visit a website is generally only a few minutes, then, might as well do 8-10 websites at the same time, this efficiency is not up, if, Spend all your energy on a website's external chain, then such an enterprise website optimization might as well not be done!

The content of the carrier of the external chain is the key.

On most websites, the main carrier is an article. Whether it is on a yellow page website, an information website, or a forum, the website is passed through the article.

As a corporate website, there are limitations. On the one hand, it is a limitation of the industry, that is, a high-quality external website should be related to the industry in which the company is engaged, and the published content is also closely related to the industry. In terms of article selection, you may not have to write it yourself, but you can't copy it all. It is best to process it and bring a few articles together. You can also create a high-quality article. Articles are also good for search engine optimization. On the other hand, focusing on industry website publishing will not only help the website increase its weight, but also bring in target users. Of course, doing external links is to increase the weight of the website, but the ultimate purpose of increasing the weight of the website is to allow corporate websites to achieve their goals. Users pay attention to achieve the purpose of corporate website operation. The focus of most users is the industry website, so when the website publishes external links, there will be unexpected surprises.

The choice of the content of the external chain carrier is related to the industry. Maintaining high quality is the two standards. Even in the niche industry, as long as the content is dry enough, then the attention is relatively high. Industry articles are only understood by those with industry experience.

Website external chain construction, you can try to pay

In the Internet, you can't do it, just think of it. Many new industries have been born on the Internet. For example, one that professionally publishes external links is one of them. For such "experts", corporate websites may wish to try it for a fee.

The advantage of finding professional external links is that they have a lot of resources and have rich experience on external links. Although there are some experiences that do not publish external links to irrelevant websites, as the two largest domestic websites The long-term website A5 webmaster and Chinaz, and the websites of different industries all contribute there, because these two websites have a high retransmission rate, and the manuscripts can also have links. Obviously, this kind of spontaneous external chain spread, although the industry is different The keywords are different, but they still have a certain quality.

The advantage of trying to pay is that corporate websites can publish external links to as many websites as possible. This is conducive to website optimization. At the same time, it can make an attempt for the construction of corporate website external links. In these websites, you can Use the "professional" optimization method of the corporate website's external links to publish the external links of the website on the same website. If you do not publish the external links to various websites, you will not realize the benefits. Limiting your eyesight will affect the To website optimization.

As a small website, Hejian Network Company is already weak in content. As a company with a certain amount of capital, it is necessary to work hard on the external chain. This is much simpler than content. Of course, it is appropriate to invest some. The effect will be better!
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