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No matter how useful website traffic is,

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No matter how useful website traffic is,

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Talk to a webmaster of an enterprise website. This webmaster knows in the group. In the QQ group, he is a "talk" and often "hooks up" with the beauties in the group. Later I knew that he was the webmaster of a corporate website. Because he paid more attention to the construction and promotion of corporate websites, his words became old friends online.

"Why are you so leisurely!" Regarding the promotion of Hejian Baidu , it is a hard work, monotonously sending out some external links every day, and doing some content updates. However, this webmaster has a very smooth life, does he develop? "Enterprise disease". "It's okay! Our job is relatively unpopular, so the keywords are simple and optimized. I can protect them a little every day!"

Looking up his website, there is very little traffic every day. Such a website is really not complimentable, so he expressed his doubts. "I said, our job is very cold. Basically, all the keywords are on the homepage. Adding keywords from the entire network, the monthly traffic is not more than the attention of a third-rate star. We only do Effective traffic, do n’t look at some websites that have 5,000 traffic and 10,000 traffic every day. We only have dozens of traffic, but the turnover rate is quite considerable! ”In a trade secret, this webmaster just said half-hidden that the website can Bring 30% of orders to their business, which is already great!

When we operate a website, we generally regard traffic as an important policy for the success of the website. "Brushing traffic" seems to be a policy that webmasters seek permanently. Whether this traffic is related to the website policy group is still irrelevant, as long as the daily traffic of the website is sufficient, it is satisfactory. Even if it can't bring business, the high traffic can make money by advertising on the website!

With such an opinion, the optimization center will also change a lot. Since the media era, it has been drained through SNS channels such as Weibo, WeChat, and space; and when Luo Fatzi answered, turning knowledge into "money" , And drainage through question-and-answer channels; in the era of diplomacy, drainage was also performed using WeChat, QQ, WeChat circle of friends, QQ groups ... seemingly all enthusiastic addresses. One day, if you are not in this circle, what will happen to the website traffic? I am afraid it is hard to imagine ...

The "laid-back" corporate website stated: "Site optimization must be purposeful. Many people, when doing website optimization, abandon high rankings and huge traffic, focus on harmony with users, and require great courage, because many people It's better to be enthusiastic than to get anything, and it's hard to endure loneliness. A well-run website, traffic is a parameter, but insisting that the website traffic is useful and stable, this kind of website traffic is reliable! "

Speaking of traffic that is useful for websites, for corporate websites, if the segmentation is subdivided until it is at the end of the job, then there is not much sincerity of the users who attribute it to themselves, so there will not be much traffic that is useful to the website Where to go. Already there are so few users, why should you let yourself be obsessed with the false prosperity brought by high traffic? It is better to be honest and firmly capture 50% or more of your work traffic. This kind of website optimization is reliable.

Perhaps some websites are born to survive on traffic, such as news portals, video sites, e-commerce sites, etc. These sites are like the stars in reality, and they are sought after by many fans. They are talented to reflect their value. However, some websites rely on products and surviving products. Perhaps the products of the company belong to a small frequency and the work circle is very narrow. Like some assembly line workers, the daily working environment requires only a small space. However, by persistence, they support their own Xiaojia, then, for most websites, why not spend it like this? Hejian Baidu Promotion Co., Ltd. tells you to treat website traffic correctly, plan reasonably, understand how little website traffic is, and it ’s time to be truthful when it ’s useful. Website operation is more effective!
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