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How to balance the information density in webpage planning

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How to balance the information density in webpage planning

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Web page information is one of the most direct ways for websites to show users. In the early SEO optimization theory, because some websites blindly superimposed keywords in order to cater to the love of search engines, and then the information on the website content lost its fairness, so the website was optimized Excessive results not only did not achieve the intended purpose, but were rewarded and punished by the search. And today we talk about the balance of information density in website planning. In addition to the above, what is more important is how to grasp the balance from the outstanding degree of website construction to the user experience.

In the density of website planning information, minimalism is the most durable concept of visual framework planning, not only because it has elegance that does not change with time, but also because minimalist-style web pages can become more and more prominent. However, this kind of concise and slightly "smart" plan is not satisfied with the current era of diversification. The more information produced by the Hejian website, it means that a website may be discovered by more users, and then the number of websites will increase. Visit the possibility, which guides the website to the user's experience.

Usability and user experience are the two most important points when planning a website. If a website wants to attract more visitors, it must load a lot of content, but in order for users to experience the website, it must be concise and clear. When planning a website, you must grasp the information density of the webpage. When visitors log in to the website, a lot of content information will increase the viewing load, reduce the visitor's evaluation of the website, and the high information density will increase the bounce rate of the website. No matter what role the website wants to reach, if the information density is too high, it will lead to user paralysis, which is very bad for website planning. Great planning means that users know how they should interact with the site. Too much information can confuse the user's ability to analyze and judge, and then stop this interaction.

If you want to maintain the outstanding information density of your website, you must have a good planning plan when planning your website, so that planners can do a good job of layout and information structure of your website. For example, under the same saturation and lightness, the size of the area determines whether it is balanced. For example, when the website has many pictures, the orientation of any element on the picture cannot be placed randomly. He must have a certain visual connection with other elements, and one of the visual connections is called "visual balance." contact"

For experienced website planners, the website content and user experience are connected at two levels. Many people mistakenly believe that the website content is designed to surround the user experience. In fact, in some cases, some websites are neglected during the construction process. With the logical connection between the two, then there is a conflict between the content of the website and the user's experience. This kind of work occurs, and for the user, the website cannot be read well. This is because the page has many elements, so the user's attention is dissipated when reading the page. On the contrary, when a balance is reached between the two, there will not be much conflict between the information density and the user experience of the website. And users who read the page will not feel at a loss, and a website can also clearly pass the content information to customers.

So, for this reason, I have made such a request to the website planner. How to maintain the balance of the entire website, we all know that a beautifully planned webpage will attract users to take a closer look. However, there are guidelines for this beauty, and balanced planning will bring comfortable visual effects to users, and convey a unified and harmonious experience to users through web pages. When planning a web page, planners need to consider the overall role of the page, and pay attention to elements such as pictures, text, and titles that play a balanced role on the page. In terms of segmentation, there must be symmetrical balance in webpage planning, and there is also asymmetrical balance in webpage planning. Asymmetrical balance is an imbalance in the picture, and the layout of elements brings visual contrast. Then reach a balance. In addition, there is the radiation balance in the website planning, and a balance similar to the mosaic, which is a balance created by scattered display.

Regarding information-based websites, when displaying information content, do not intentionally add too many irrelevant elements. For example, there are many gaps in the planning of some websites, so that users' attention can be concentrated on the page policy and In terms of content, it does not mean that the simpler the content of the website, the better. It must be moderate when dealing with the information density of the website. Because the minimal content of the website will also damage the user's experience.

The starting point for balancing information density in webpage planning is to reach visual balance. It is a reliable and secure sense of security for people without the feeling of "it will fall" and "awkward". Hejian Website Production Company tells you This is also an important place for webpage planning to pay attention to and pay attention to the "balance theory" in planning.

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