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  • Several taboos of website optimization

    Hejian Website Optimization reminds you of several taboos to optimize: Taboo One: Don't try to imitate other people's website content for a long time. The content of a website is like the flesh of a person. If every person ...
    Release time: 2018-11-29 Clicks: 178

  • Choose website construction company carefully

    The first is the company's Cangzhou website construction case. An experienced website construction company generally has many cases on hand, and we have a lot of corporate website construction cases. There is word of mouth, a good website building ...
    Release time: 2018-03-20 Clicks: 195

  • Website Optimization Knowledge: Long Tail Keywords

    What are long tail words? The so-called long tail keywords refer to those words that have a small amount of search and are not stable, but can bring traffic to the website. In a way, if only one word is likely to be searched, it can be called long tail ...
    Release time: 2018-02-26 Clicks: 126

  • How does Hejian Network Company, a small website, optimize external links

    The optimization of large websites depends on content, and the optimization of small websites depends on external links. Hejian Internet companies generally belong to small websites, so the optimization of corporate website construction is mainly based on external links. Doing external links is a very headache, one ...
    Release time: 2018-01-15 Clicks: 199

  • No matter how useful website traffic is,

    Talk to a webmaster of a corporate website. This webmaster knows in the group, and is a harbinger in the QQ group. He often associates with the beauties in the group and seems to be very leisurely. Later I knew he was the webmaster of a corporate website, because it was ...
    Release time: 2017-11-30 Clicks: 128

  • How to balance the information density in webpage planning

    Web page information is one of the most direct ways for a website to show users. In the early SEO optimization theory, because some websites blindly superimposed keywords in order to cater to the love of search engines, and then lost the information of the website content ...
    Release time: 2017-10-23 Click times: 96

  • What preparations are needed for e-commerce website construction

    The success of Taobao has made many people feel the charm of e-commerce websites. In fact, companies can also sell products through their own websites, such as COFCO's, which is a typical enterprise e-commerce website.
    Release time: 2017-10-23 Clicks: 63

  • Make your website attractive

    I updated a blog, which was originally a post-reading and fruitful result. After less than a month, the traffic of this article was surprisingly high. Later, the reason was not that the article was too wonderful, but a key word .. .
    Release time: 2017-10-23 Click times: 134

  • What can you do to effectively improve your website ranking?

    What is the purpose of improving website ranking? Naturally, it is to make the website gain more users. SEO optimization has been regarded as the holy grail of website ranking. However, few people talk about SEO optimization recently.
    Release time: 2017-10-10 Click times: 125

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