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What are the best ways to optimize your website

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What are the best ways to optimize your website

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If you only stare at your own one-mu three-point land, it is estimated that such a website optimization has great limitations. There are mountains outside the mountain and buildings outside the building. All you need is a stationmaster who is constantly longer than learning from others . After the website is built and launched on the website, it will soon catch up with competitors.

For most websites, a computing device is installed, such as Baidu computing things. "If you use Baidu to calculate things, don't use Baidu search engine to check your own website!" A webmaster once said that the website does not exceed ten visits a day, most of them are visiting their own websites. The calculation is an act of covering up the ears.

There is nothing wrong with calculating things on the device website. After all, this is a big data era. Alibaba's Jack Ma often hangs data on his lips, and it has become a habit. How useful is the calculation of data, the website calculation stuff is born for this purpose, the real role of big data is that not only there is more, but also longer than analysis.

Regarding a new website, it is not enough time to analyze the data of your website. Because it is a new recruit on the Internet, no matter from the number of users or the number of search engines, the data is unfortunately small. At this time, a webmaster indicated that I want to not only do various SEO optimizations, do content, do external links, do promotion ... use my previous experience all the time.

But when you really want to do it, you find that there are some websites that do not have content and there are not many external links, but the search engine homepage that is naturally ranked. At this time, you follow the rules and do it, maybe after 1-2 years, The relevant key words on the website are really on the homepage. However, the profit period of the relevant key words has now passed. After the "golden opportunity", some key words are useless even if they are listed on the home page. How to best reflect yourself at the most appropriate moment, and analyze the competitor's website is an important task.

Analyzing the competitor's website is a relatively happy operation, and it is also a relatively hard work. I am sure that I know the method. I will analyze what the first step is and what will be the second step. What is hard to understand is that the analysis process is not clear. There is no way to grasp the beard and eyebrows. You can't find all the time and energy here. You can't understand the method. As for website optimization, it naturally doesn't see any effect.

Finding a solution is more important than anything. In the calculation of website data, there is a lot of data. Not every data is useful. Generally, you only need to catch a few key data, and you can see it in a few moments. The trick, then, is "Teaching Yi Yi to Control Yi Yi."

So, where are the key data of the opponent's website? We can specialize in the wool of a website, and we can also summarize several websites to look at. Inductive analysis, as for the webmaster, it is a bit messy. There are no years of website optimization. Implementation experience is really difficult to win.

However, any operation is rule-based, including the analysis of the opponent's website. Overall, about the analysis of these pieces of data, the first is to go through the search engine to find the key words. Before you gather the key words you need, it is important to understand how the average person uses them. When searching, people generally do not use a single word, but use phrases or phrases, so that the website optimization plays a more important role.

Secondly, the selection of websites, of course, the websites with the most important keyword search engine rankings, generally choose the top three. As for the website itself, the key words generally do not exceed three. Selecting the key words is an academic knowledge, not the main point of this article's review. We are talking about the relevant website after the key words have been determined by the website. At the beginning of the launch of the website, it has already begun. It ’s better to do it again. Only after actually optimizing your own website can you find the way. Why do others do this? So what are the advantages of doing this? Find a few more websites, then do a fixed analysis, and then combine your website ’s The situation, by comparison and analysis, will definitely find many interesting details, and these are only discovered and realized in the optimization process.

Secondly, the ranking of key words is also a very interesting analysis. Perhaps a key word or broadening key word does not come from a competitor website, but Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu knows, Baidu pictures, forums, classified sites, yellow pages, and so on. Don't ignore this wonderful existence, because these may also be competitions. Using big IP, fake marketing is an important method and method for getting traffic on the current website. A few days ago, China ’s top paparazzi Zhuowei ’s mass account was blocked, and Mi Meng ’s account, which claimed to have over ten million powder fans in less than half a year, was also “blocked”. Without channels, I wanted to gain public awareness In fact, it is a difficult job.

After all, it is still the usual homework. Analyze the characteristics of competitors' homepage websites, especially the writing of the title of the website, the layout of the website's homepage, the writing of the section pages, and the writing of article titles, the frequency of website updates, and the status of external links on the website. Traces and more.

The advantage of analyzing competitors' websites is that not only can they learn some optimization experiences, but also they can avoid the spearheads of competitors and adopt devious tactics. First, make the unpopular key words bigger and stronger, and then compete with competitors on hot words. They did not give in to each other, and eventually reached the overtaking opponents, and the intention of obtaining a good ranking in the search engine.
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