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What are the problems in the design and production process

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What are the problems in the design and production process

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In the process of Hejian website design and manufacture, there will always be more or less various problems, no matter in terms of website structure planning, it is still visual planning, skills completion, etc.

However, the reason why we find the problem is of course to prevent as much as possible all possible errors in the process of building the station! So let's talk about possible problems from the beginning of the site construction idea to the end of the final construction:

In the early stage of the construction of the website, structural planning and competition analysis should be an important step! Under the premise of clear and strict structure of the overall planning logic, the most important thing is to plan ideas based on competing products, their own products, and corporate characteristics. If the website is not in the foundation structure with what it wants to express and express in its products and affairs, then the website is already a failure in the early stages of construction.

Of course, it may be able to compensate the product temperament of the website from the aspects of later typesetting and planning, but in the end, it is better to position it accurately from the beginning!

After the website planning is finished, the next step is the homepage visual planning. The homepage drawing plan will locate many key elements of the entire website: the style of the entire station, universal colors, and so on.

Another important thing in the process of building a website is the way that website skills complete the entire website. Regardless of the end of the picture special effects, it is still the way of displaying the layout of the website. Of course, this must be done according to the positioning of the website itself and the idea of manufacturing in practice.

In the end, Jijin Technology thought that it was also very important that the mobile website was planned and manufactured. Jijin Technology has been making great efforts in the construction of echoing websites. The most important reason is that it is compatible with PCs and mobile sites together, and because of its common style, shared set of databases, and more convenient optimization, it is becoming more and more popular with business owners Loved and loved.

So for many hours, if you are doing a response website, you must consider the compatibility and adaptability of mobile phones, PADs and other devices in the early planning stage.

In the end, it involves website quizzes and iterative changes, but of course, there will be a variety of problems on the side, which requires close communication between the company and the customer during the process of building the site and the intentional manufacture!
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