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How often can website keyword optimization be done on Baidu homepage?

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How often can website keyword optimization be done on Baidu homepage?

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Many customers will ask when my keywords will be available on the homepage. In fact, there are many types of keywords, including popular keywords, unpopular keywords, general keywords, and so on. Detailed Hejian Website Optimization Keywords are divided into the following categories:
Unpopular keywords
The average time for upset keywords to reach the homepage is about 1-2 months. Upset keywords are those keywords whose search index is within 100, and the search keywords are not implemented by Baidu on the Baidu homepage. Ranking keywords are called upset keywords. The value of unpopular keywords is very high, because the cost of the homepage is very low. For example, many long-tail keywords are up-and-coming keywords. These up-and-coming keywords can bring a large number of users to an IP stack every day, and the conversion rate of long-tail words is very high.
2.General keywords
The time for general keywords to be on the homepage is 3-6 months. If the optimization skills are very good, it can be ranked in 3-4 months. The daily search index of general keywords is between 100-300. The homepage for general keywords is the corporate website homepage ranking. Most of the second page is still the corporate website homepage ranking, and it will show a few Baidu bidding website rankings and large stations Page rank.
3.General hot words
Hejian Website Optimization
Generally, the most popular keywords need to be 6 months or more on the homepage. The daily search volume of the most popular keywords is nearly 1,000, and there are many Baidu bidding websites on the homepage.
4. Popular keywords
Popular keyword search This keyword homepage is basically the homepage ranking of big stations, there is no homepage ranking of corporate stations at all. The demanding keyword optimization needs to be completed with the promotion team, and it also needs to be combined with marketing promotion to make it possible to make the rankings to the homepage. So do not advocate personal optimization of hot keywords.
5, super hot keywords
Super hot keywords, these words may reach tens of thousands of daily searches, and the homepages are homepages and subdomains of large portal sites, Baidu products, etc. Generally, there is no Baidu bidding link for super popular words. Because the search volume of these words is too large, and the conversion rate to the website is not high. Compared with the high cost, it is not cost-effective to bid, so these words have no bid ranking.
The more competitive the keywords, the higher the business profits, and the longer the time to the homepage. Commerciality refers primarily to the Baidu implementation of keywords, and the profit bumps come primarily from the strength of the website that houses the homepage.
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