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Post-construction site compatibility test

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Post-construction site compatibility test

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Hejian website construction needs to test the compatibility of the website and whether the website cannot be opened before the website is completed. Here's the specific introduction:
Test site compatibility. After the page design of the website is completed, the person who manufactures the webpage must test the webpage. First, test the compatibility of the webpage, including testing the webpage in different operating systems (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), different versions of the operating system (such as Windows XP, Windows 7, etc.), and different readers ( (Such as IE, Maxthon, etc.), and the normal use of corporate website functions.
Many companies may neglect this link, so users may open the corporate website and make mistakes. It is conceivable that if the user encounters a fault with the website due to incompatibility, the user will abandon continuous reading, and may not read the website in the future. Therefore, viewing and testing website compatibility is one of the basic principles for companies to build websites.
Website link. After checking the compatibility of the network, you should also check the link status of the entire website, and check whether the corporate website has invalid links. If the customer sees some invalid links when reading the corporate website page, it will greatly reduce the customer's trust on the corporate website. The cause of invalid links on corporate websites may be due to the structural adjustment of the website, or some pages may be deleted because they are outdated, but the links are not updated in a timely manner. Therefore, pay attention to these elements when testing.
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