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Website design company informs you how your website gets traffic

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Website design company informs you how your website gets traffic

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On the Internet, any website that has a way out can not be separated from the support of traffic. It can be said that the most important data of all websites is website traffic. There are many ways to improve website traffic. In the age of search engines, SEO optimization is one of the important ways for websites to obtain traffic. Now, with the advent of the era of mobile Internet and communicative multimedia, the method of obtaining website traffic around SEO optimization has been left behind. Now, Hejian website design company informs you that if you don't need SEO to optimize your website, where can you get traffic from?

WeChat, Weibo, self-media ... Where do these new media belong to the website? Some people think that it is enough to have a WeChat public account, while others think that maintaining Weibo is the same. It can also bring orders to enterprises, and some people think that it is now the era of self-media. Enterprises have to put down the shelves and integrate with users ... each has its own reason, and there are no shortage of success in these areas. Taxi, the question is, what do you do with the website if you do this well? It is abandoned, affiliated or marginalized.

I personally think that no matter how the Internet media changes, WeChat belongs to Tencent, Weibo belongs to Sina, and the media are relying on some channels, like Taobao and Tmall Mall, but these channels promote themselves and give you only A second-level domain name, and it depends on the way to act. WeChat and Weibo are careless in speaking and are simply blocked. Not to mention from the media, as long as the website is independent of Liuhe, so instead of wanting to use these ways Show yourself, it is better to use these channels as the introduction of website traffic is more suitable for the long-term development of the website, and most corporate websites do this. This is also an inevitable choice for SEO search engine optimization website implementation in the post-diversity era.

Get traffic on WeChat

Wechat public account is familiar to everyone. It is reported that the official certification of public account Wechat will take about 3-5 days as soon as possible. Therefore, once the product name is determined, it can be authenticated as soon as possible, and some original articles will be updated on time. WeChat will invite you to register for original maintenance based on the update status.

After publishing some information content on the website and participating in keywords properly, we can also participate in some links to guide users to visit the website by finding relevant keywords and clicking links, and then to reach the purpose of adding website visits.

Get Website Traffic with Weibo

The Weibo product is very interesting. It was a mess in about 2011, and followed by the rise of WeChat for a while, and followed by Ali's shareholding. Weibo is also known as an important media presence today, a drop from a height and a rise. The latest Internet products are worth learning. The same website information is put on Weibo. Of course, it is best to have good quality articles, pay attention to keywords control, and then guide users to visit the policy website.

From media number

Since the media has gradually risen in the controversy and BAT's funding fever, most of the self-media are now said to be sophisticated and sophisticated with their own capital. Many self-media people want to go through this category “with solemn days”. Obviously, A dream, but it does not mean that it will not have a strong development force in the future. Of course, any category follows the rules of the pyramid. As long as a few people truly obtain value, this means that many people in the wave of elimination matches Down the road, then, as far as the website is concerned, since the media is so hot now, it is better to open an account and put in some interesting articles. If you do n’t believe that there is no visitor, you do n’t believe that it will not bring traffic to the website. Of course, you need to identify the focus. Since the media is for the website!

Business approach

Yellow pages also include information websites, vertical websites, information websites, general market docking media, and business docking channels. Many channels have expanded many channels of media attributes, such as UC Jiuyou, 360 and Baidu. Just like the media, do n’t lose these channels. You can change the news to the media according to your favorite channels and put them on these websites. If you leave a link to the website, you will also get a certain amount of traffic.

Hejian website design company informs you that in the age when search engines tend to be weak, SEO will certainly bring certain traffic to the website. However, in this fickle Internet world, it is also appropriate to adopt other new media implementation methods. The website brings considerable traffic. However, if you want new media to bring traffic to the website, you must first rank the website search engine. Because in many media that do not let you leave the website address, keywords are created. This is a very important effect, and if users want to learn more, they will look for relevant keywords. At this time, if the website's SEO optimization is done well, the same will also get traffic!
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