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What determines the price of website construction?

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What determines the price of website construction?

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For site users, moderate price is one of the important decision factors that must be considered. Although the same website, different website planning companies have different prices, the price difference should not be too large, otherwise the website planning company that is overpriced will be suspected of disorderly charging, and the website planning company that is underpriced has Suspected of cheap price. Let's take a look at what aspects of the price of Hejian website construction are determined.
I. From the perspective of website planning:
Generally speaking, website planning can determine the price of website planning to some extent. Obviously, the price of a large-planned website is higher because the number of web pages, the number of pictures, and the period for building a website are relatively long, and the price of a smaller-planned website is generally not too high, unless there are some websites with special requirements. In my opinion, websites with less than 50 pages are generally classified as small planning websites, and their prices are usually between 1,000-2000 yuan, while those with more than 50 pages and less than 200 pages are classified as medium planning websites, and the prices are usually between 2000-4000 yuan. In the meantime, a website with 200 pages or more and 500 pages or less can be considered a slightly larger website. More than 500 pages belong to a large-plan website, and the price naturally rises. These are custom-made websites, and small templates Planning websites usually cost around 1,000 yuan. If there are no special requirements, the larger the plan, the higher the price. Website prices with special requirements are another matter.
2. The operating cost of a website planning company also affects the price of website planning:
The operating cost of the website planning company also has an impact on the price of the website. If the website planning company's operating cost is high, then the price of building a website will undoubtedly be higher as a whole, and the website planning company with low operating cost will have more room for manoeuvre in price. Websites with high operating costs are sometimes relatively good and upscale, and website planning companies with low operating costs may be due to weak skills and other reasons. The website may also be relatively low-quality. The detailed situation still depends on Users can observe and analyze in detail.
From the perspective of website function:
The function and clutter of the website also determine the price of website planning. Some users do not have high requirements for the function of the website. They can display page information, only pictures and text on the page, or even database support. Such a website will be quick and simple to make, and of course the price is lower. Some users require the website to be relatively cluttered, requiring both a news release system and a recruitment system, and even a new product release function and marketing interaction function. Such a website can be imagined, and the price is definitely not low. No matter which website planning company you do, it may not be low. With more functions, it will take more time to make pictures and write code, which will undoubtedly drive up the price.
From the perspective of website planning:
The quality of website planning, the energy and time spent in planning, etc., are also one of the decisive factors in determining the price of website planning. Some users don't have high requirements for the website interface, and generally pass it. Such a website is easy to build for a website planning company. The price of such a website is generally not high. And some users have very high requirements for website interface planning, especially the websites of some large companies, which have very high requirements for website interfaces. Such websites are time-consuming for artists and coders. The capital is high. This is not only the website interface plan. Other plans, such as the website structure and navigation system, require time to consume. If the requirements are high, the price will rise naturally.
Generally speaking, there are many standards for assessing website planning prices, which are determined by reasons such as service quality, website quality, operating cost, and functional requirements. Knowing this, presumably the user already knows the price of building a site, and knows how to inquire about the price of building a site with a website planning company. However, there is a disadvantage that users often make, that is, some users always blindly lower the price, regardless of the cost of the website planning company, which is actually not conducive to the cooperation between the website planning company and the user. Such users If you blindly pursue low prices, you may find an irresponsible website planning company. As a result, your website planning will be affected. You should avoid building a website to organize and release it.
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