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How to make a user satisfied site?

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How to make a user satisfied site?

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Search engine based design. In the design process, you should think about the user ’s website ’s experience on the search engine. For example, what is the spider ’s trajectory, designing the website into a maze, making the spider confused, or blocking the visit. It is relatively the fault of the website designer. The search engine constitutes a good space to visit, especially to think about the spiders from the mobile end. Their trajectory is different from the traditional search engine design.
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After doing a good user experience on the machine as a search engine, you need to think about the feelings of users who can bring value to website visitors. These are some details of the experience. For example, the choice of fonts is as large as possible. Large fonts are better than smaller fonts. At least they look comfortable. Because we have to take care of mobile users. Habits. Removed unwanted effects. Some websites are very mysterious, colorful, and prosperous. Are they really useful? Not necessarily, because you do n’t add a special effect, you will lose the user ’s time to open it, especially the static special effect, unless it occupies a small Space, or remove it immediately, a large number of users do not need it.
The most important part of the website design process is the analysis of the information and data of the website designer. What your users want after all, what they want can often be learned from the data. Designs that fit the user experience often require good content as the foundation. Regardless of the content or the design, if you want to maximize the combination of the two, it is often the designer who needs the best to stop the adjustment and optimization.
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