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What article length is produced by Cangzhou website is not conducive to website optimization

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What article length is produced by Cangzhou website is not conducive to website optimization

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What kind of article length does the Cangzhou website produce is not conducive to website optimization? Important, let me first say two basically permanent and accurate nonsense guidelines:
1. Start from the user, consider the user's experience, and don't consider the search engine optimization.
2. If there is a word, it is long, if there is no word, it is short.
Let's analyze it again, assuming that there is a need to consider from the perspective of website optimization, what kind of treatment should there be?
Importantly, the shortest article should be 200 words or more. There are two reasons for this:
1. Assuming only a few dozen words, the search engine does not simply determine what the theme of Han Mo is, so it cannot determine what keywords are most relevant.
2. If the comment is too short, there may be fewer words than the miscellaneous devices such as the navigation system, menus, and copyright notices, which are suspected to be imitation content. Assume how many pages with too few Han Mo exist in the development of mobile websites, which can increase the number of imitation pages outside the website. Due to the high similarity between your web pages, some other Hanmo are too short.
Cangzhou Website Producer's long article briefly attracts links. I have read many very long articles, even up to dozens of pages. Although it is a bit inconvenient to pull around when reading, but what articles are really simple and attractive to links.
Because how many articles are the same are usually deepening analysis on a certain topic, it is impossible to write so long without deepening. So how much further research articles are created by other blogs or websites will naturally create its value, treat the article as capital, and then quote it.
Assume that long articles are divided into several paragraphs, and other blogs will not briefly quote them. The possibility of more trivial articles being treated as capital will be reduced. There is really a subtle mindset between the two. Others, a very long Liaoning personnel examination, a very complete and deepened article, the generality is valuable capital.
Another benefit is how rich the article is, from the search engine's point of view, it can strengthen the power of power.
Sometimes there are advantages to dividing long articles into several pages.
The first benefit is the increase in the number of pages on the website and the increase in the size of the website. And large websites have a huge power of nature.
The second is, assuming that your article can distinguish between unsuitable chapters, and each chapter has its own key, it is even more unprofitable to divide the unsuitable chapters into different pages. Because each chapter has its subject relevance, after paying dividends to multiple pages, you can optimize the webpage for different keywords.
Cangzhou website production is the same as usual. Except for the very long articles criticized below, according to the characteristics of the article and whether you can draw links more briefly, you can determine whether the dividends are not on the hinges. More appropriate between words. This is not just a consideration from the perspective of SEO, but also a user. It's too long to make users annoy at first glance, too short to form the subject behind the image.

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