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How to make a website platform

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How to make a website platform

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The detailed b2b website construction and processing plan is as follows: 1. It is necessary for b2b e-commerce website to be user-centric in the current b2b website construction process.
B2B is an e-commerce channel for business-to-business product purchases, services, and information communication between companies. B2B has deepened the use of the Internet to handle the middle part of buying and selling, and its user base has become more targeted at companies on both the supply and demand side, not the mass consumers. The first two forms:
1. Straight B2B for manufacturing or business: Straight B2B can be divided into upstream and downstream. Manufacturers or commercial retailers can form supply links with upstream suppliers.
2. B2B for intermediate shopping malls: horizontal B2B, which gathers the nearby buying and selling processes of various occupations into one place, and provides a buying and selling opportunity for the purchaser and supplier of the enterprise.
Traditional business transactions between companies often consume a lot of resources and time. Whether it is sales, distribution or acquisition, it takes up a lot of capital. Through the B2B website's buying and selling method, buyers and sellers can complete the entire transaction process online, from the establishment of the image, the comparison of goods to the three, to the bargaining, signing and delivery, and finally to the customer service. B2B enables business transactions between enterprises to reduce many transactional operational processes and handling costs, and reduces business operating costs. The convenience and extensibility of the network has enabled enterprises to expand their scope of activities, making it easier for enterprises to develop across regions and borders, and at a lower cost.
B2B e-commerce channels provide the basis for strategic collaboration between enterprises. It is very difficult for any company to complete B2B by itself, no matter how strong it is or how good its operation strategy is. It is becoming a development trend to establish a cooperative alliance among enterprises. The network makes information flow unimpeded, and enterprises can establish complementary and mutually beneficial collaborations in shopping malls, products, or operations through the network to form horizontal or straight-line transaction integration, with greater planning, stronger strength, and more economical operations. A form of truly completing global operations research.
The central concept of Web2.0 is: take the user as the center, focus on user experience, seek the participation of the whole people, and make more and more users feel at home. B2B e-commerce website planning, construction, and later operation management are all integrated with the WEB2.0 thinking concept, which can well handle many B2B websites with too few collective visits, weak user stickiness, lack of voice rights, and bottlenecks in planning effects. .
Applying the central thinking of Web2.0 to the planning, construction and operation of professional B2B websites will enable B2B websites to accumulate more users, expand the influence of professional circles, improve ease of use, improve website brand, and make users' communication direction Development in depth. The detailed B2B website construction and processing plan is as follows:
I. B2B e-commerce sites need to be user-centric
In the current B2B website construction process, most website planners have positioned themselves in professional prestige information channels and business information communication channels. They have not fully paid attention to the value of information posted by some users, and have not fully used forums, blogs, and other channels to mobilize. The enthusiasm of users to participate in communication is naturally unpopular. Coupled with the lack of website information and poor information quality, this has brought a big bottleneck to the operation of the website.
Hejian Network Co., Ltd. believes that a large part of the users of B2B e-commerce websites are not professional researchers and experts, but general professional practitioners. In addition to buying and selling products, reading business information, and publishing and querying business information, there is also a Very important need-announce your ideas, communicate with friends in the professional world, not necessarily all business information. It ’s more about their own ideas and feelings about certain issues. As long as some users pay attention to the essential information, it can improve the popularity of the entire site and form a user-centered cultural air, allowing users to Feeling of homesickness;
In the process of website planning, construction, and operation, Web2.0 has been advanced to a high level. As a guideline, more emphasis is placed on user-centered settings, layout planning, and content construction. User-centered B2B websites , Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of users at all levels to participate, explore various resources in the professional world, enrich content, improve user cohesion and professional voice.
Second, interactive online shop channels must be powerful and simple to operate
As one of the central channels of B2B e-commerce websites, the online shop system is a powerful system for business users to handle business directories, product display, supply and demand information, business trends, and corporate communications. After user registration, each user company has A back-office management system and a front-end business store display channel.
According to the thinking guidance of WEB2.0, online shops should not only have powerful functions, but also fully consider the communication and interaction of the shop functions with forums, blogs, and user groups, so that online communication between enterprises is not limited to the release and query of business information. Not only is the function powerful, and the operation is simple, the front desk is fully static, the visit is fast, the navigation is clear, the search engine is friendly, etc., and the experience of the underlying users is fully considered.
Third, establish a wide range of prestige career information channels
B2B e-commerce websites need to establish their own information channels, establish analysis and research groups, and use their various resources to publish prestigious and original information to information channels. As users of B2B e-commerce websites publish business information, personal ideas, and day sentiments, users also pay attention to prestige information such as career trends and market trends. If most users in the professional world think that the website is prestigious, then the website is in the professional world. Established prestige and right to speak, played a vital role in the operation of the website.
The information must have a large scope of communication, so that it can have a large range of influence. It requires that the news has good navigation, the friendliness of the search engine, the convenience of reading, and the speed of downloading. B2B e-commerce website large-capacity information management system, reasonable navigation layout, powerful and easy-to-use background management, fully static display at the front desk, high friendliness of search engines, etc., provide a powerful way to establish prestige and convey a wide range of information channels. Skills background and operational ideas.
4. Differentiate user groups, integrate traditional media, and establish straight deep communication channels
People, society, and business have countless ways to arrange and combine. If there is no information method to aggregate them, they will be easily lost. In the WEB2.0 era, user-centricity, through microblogs, blogs, forums, media and other methods to promote communication between users, the ability to add trust, improve the possibility of collaboration, in a profession, business to business, peer to peer People need to get acquainted with each other, communicate more, and make friends. Only in this way can it be possible to complete collaboration, collaboration, win-win, and trade in the profession.
The users of the website may not be online every day. In view of this, we need to collect and organize the website information into magazines, presentation methods, and send them to users by e-book or printed method to serve more users, which is more compatible with WEB2.0. Form: user-centered, focusing on the participation of the entire population.
Fifth, establish accurate and interactive professional information search channels
The search engine of B2B e-commerce websites is more accurate and professional than the general mass search engines. However, some professional search engines not only find inaccurate searches, but also have a single function. They do not interact with the search engine's own functions. Users are more convenient and faster to find information for lunch.
According to the thinking of WEB2.0, the professional search engine is combined with the needs of users to interact with users. Based on the search engine, I participated in the concept of integrating with the website. I was able to find related companies and related publishers by product, region, and user. In addition to reading business stores, I was also able to read the blogs of business publishers and participate. Shop publishers' blog groups, etc.
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