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Hejian Networks teaches you to control keyword layout

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Hejian Networks teaches you to control keyword layout

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Arranging keywords is not a trivial matter, and we should pay attention to this process. To pack, sort, and analyze carefully. Prevent multiple pages with the same keywords, which will cause internal competition. This is the point where the website makes the most mistakes. Some people think that the homepage and several column pages are all optimized and optimized for the same keyword, so that it will rank better. Actually, it should not be prevented.
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Hejian Network Co., Ltd. said that keyword ranking is search engine optimization, and the center of search engine optimization is keywords. No matter how to optimize a website, no matter how to do long-tail expansion, you cannot do without the central keywords. There are many ways. Of course, it is not difficult for the masters. It is still possible to look at the words for the novices. For Baidu, the keywords are best presented twice.
Website title keyword setting, this is the most central keyword location of the website.
Inner page keywords are of course expanded based on the central keywords.
Of course, if the keywords of friendly links are in the same industry, the density of keywords must be controlled.
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