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Why does it not rank well for a long time after website optimization?

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Why does it not rank well for a long time after website optimization?

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Many webmasters have found that they have been doing website optimization for a long time, and the website ranking has not seen a significant improvement. At this time, some webmasters were very anxious, and after their long-term efforts, they could not see a good effect. Why is that? Why is there no good effect after website optimization?
Why does it not rank well for a long time after website optimization?
1. Hejian Website Optimization Website Security Issues
Timetables need to be worked out and regular security checks on the site are required. For example, the website is embedded with black links, etc., all the optimizations made previously are useless. Especially on some lines, you need to use well-known servers.
2. Improper keyword setting
Hejian Website Optimization
If the keywords are not set properly, the cycle of website optimization will be prolonged and may not be effective. The keyword of the website title, it is best to choose a long tail word of the main keyword. After many long tail words to improve its ranking. For example, words that are difficult to optimize such as SEO and website optimization can be optimized in the website title. In a short period of time, there will not be a good ranking.
Website content
Content is the soul of a website. If the content does not match the title, or the content is too simple, it is difficult to be included by search engines. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the content of the website is related to the title, and it can also bring valuable content to users. This is the survival of a website. When doing a website, traffic will be induced or bidding will bring traffic. When users enter the website and find that the content is not helpful to them, they will quickly close the website and leave.
4. Jump to snapshots
When a search engine collects a webpage and enters the website, it will jump to the specified page, which will cause the Baidu snapshot page to be very different from the original. These two things happen. If the situation is light, it will be degraded. Seriously will be directly K station.
5.Forcing users to click and jump to battle
When entering a website, users are forced to click on an advertisement to enter the webpage that the user wants to enter. This will seriously affect the user experience, and it is still the focus of search engines to combat. Therefore, do not operate such a mandatory thing.
In fact, website optimization is not very good. If you do not notice the website optimization, it will bring some effects. It is possible that in the optimization, after doing a lot of hard work, you have not seen the effect brought by the optimization. After all, website optimization is tedious, and there are many things to do. Doing so many things without seeing results, that early effort really wasted.
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