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Knowledge of the column structure of web production

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Knowledge of the column structure of web production

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The design of the Hejian website attracts a lot of users because the website has a very rich and diverse content for users to browse. Combining these different information with clever typography is a work directed by web designers with their own wisdom and talents. Designers of web design are like directors. In the production of web pages, the order of appearances is arranged according to the actual requirements and circumstances of customers. Design different visual effects according to the information and functions displayed in each section. Each webpage production design is a unique typesetting structure, but the visual effects produced by the webpage must not be too messy. Therefore, the design of webpage design seeks change in the constant, and visual experience in the change. So what is the function of the column structure in webpage production? The editor of Songyi Design, produced by the Shanghai official website, analyzes the design of the column structure in the production of web pages.
Hejian Website Design
When the webpage production project is underway, I often hear colleagues say that the column structure is not understood by non-professionals. Columnar structure refers to dividing the webpage into several lines in a vertical or horizontal manner, and then filling it in according to the information before and after it appears. The webpage is designed reasonably according to the amount of customer information. It can be divided into one column, two columns, three columns ... that is, we often say one screen, two screens, three screens. Guide the process of browsing according to the order of the columns. If there are more columns in a column, the displayed information is narrower, and the visual effect of the viewer is not good when browsing the page. It is generally recommended that the layout in the column is best, or not Regular typesetting is also the most commonly used typesetting style in webpage production. It is ideal to divide 3-5 columns like a normal website. Too few column viewers feel that they are pulled to the bottom without seeing any web pages, and too many column viewers feel too cumbersome and are unwilling to continue browsing. In fact, in the actual column layout, the designers of webpage production companies discuss the number of columns based on the customer's information, and try not to put the bad or meaningless information in the column. In this way, the webpage designed and produced will find the information you want at a glance, and the webpage will be simple, clean, and professional when you look at it.
The column-type production of the webpage makes the webpage look clearer and more coherent. It can well display and categorize information and effectively guide visitors. It can help visitors find what they need quickly when they enter the website. Information, and also enjoy the visual experience brought about by the magical effects of web page production.
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