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"Shangcun Kuji" Liangpi Square-Hejian Do Website

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"Shangcun Kuji" Liangpi Square-Hejian Do Website

"Shangcun Kuji" Liangpi Square-Hejian Do Website 成立于2008年12月,是一家集中式快餐,传统美食,经典小吃,制作精良,包括烧饼、三鲜土豆粉、牛肉土豆粉、酸辣粉、温汤牛筋面、凉面、牛筋面、香辣面、温汤凉皮、凉皮、米线、温汤凉面、煎饼等有益健康的传统美食。 Liangpifang of Shangcun Library in Suning County was established in December 2008. It is a centralized fast food, traditional cuisine, classic snacks, well-made, including sesame cake, three fresh potato flour, beef potato flour, sour Spicy noodles, warm soup beef tendon noodles, cold noodles, beef tendon noodles, spicy noodles, warm soup noodles, cold noodles, rice noodles, warm soup noodles, pancakes and other healthy traditional food. Since its establishment, Kuchunyan Liangpifang, Shangcun, Suning County has been working hard to provide Chinese people with more complete healthy diet solutions based on the "every user-oriented" business philosophy. Facing the future, Suning County Kuchunyan Liangpi Square will continue to be user-oriented, promote the Chinese food culture, and provide users with more and better content through a multi-dimensional product display platform; in order to make Chinese people eat more Health, we do our best!
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