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Cangxian Jianghai Glass Products Factory——Hejian Website Company

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Cangxian Jianghai Glass Products Factory——Hejian Website Company

Cangxian Jianghai Glass Products Factory——Hejian Website Company 是专业生产各类玻璃管、玻璃罩、玻璃储物罐、玻璃酒瓶、玻璃茶具、玻璃水杯、玻璃试管、玻璃量杯、玻璃工艺品的厂家,产品用上等的高棚硅高温绿色环保玻璃,经过1800℃的高温加工而成,能使您所需的,用着更美观,更舒心,更放心,会给您的生活增添更多的丰富和快乐。 Cangxian Jianghai Glass Products Factory is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various types of glass tubes, glass covers , glass storage tanks, glass wine bottles, glass tea sets, glass water cups, glass test tubes, glass measuring cups, glass crafts. High-grade high-temperature silicon high-temperature green environmental protection glass, processed at a high temperature of 1800 ° C, can make what you need, more beautiful, more comfortable and more assured, it will add more richness and happiness to your life .
Our company is located in Cangxian County, Jishuilan's hometown. It is located in an ancient town-Dusheng Town. It is strategically located close to the north-south transportation artery Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, and Yin (Sichuan) Qi Highway. We are willing to work with you with sincerity and sincere corporate reputation to create a better tomorrow.
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