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Hongtian Plastic Industry—Cangzhou Website Construction

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Hongtian Plastic Industry—Cangzhou Website Construction

Hongtian Plastic Industry—Cangzhou Website Construction 专业生产PP管、FRPP管、FRPP管材、生产PP(聚丙烯)FRPP(玻璃纤维增强聚丙烯)PE(聚乙烯)等材质的管材、管件系列产品。 Cangzhou Hongtian Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of PP pipes, FRPP pipes, FRPP pipes, PP (polypropylene), FRPP (glass fiber reinforced polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) and other pipe and pipe products . The company is located in the ancient city of Cangzhou, Hebei, with Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, high-speed railway, Shihuang Expressway, National Highway 307, National Highway 104 and other highways running through the entire territory, the transportation is very convenient. Since the establishment of the company, the total net profit of main business income has increased by 66%, 78%, and 85%, respectively. The stable operation has enabled the company to be identified as the "Cangzhou Agricultural Comprehensive Development Material Supply Designated Unit", "Consumer Trustworthy Products in Hebei Province", "The Alliance to Build a Development Enterprise in the Bohai Rim Economic Circle", "National Conformity Assessment Quality Trustworthy Products" The company adheres to the strategic policy of “based on Cangzhou, facing the whole country, and going global”, constantly adjusts the industrial structure, expands the business field, and gradually forms a one-stop service model of production, design, installation and commissioning.
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