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Xingye Valve Fittings-Cangzhou Website Construction

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Xingye Valve Fittings-Cangzhou Website Construction

Xingye Valve Fittings-Cangzhou Website Construction 位于河北省泊头市工业开发区,我公司始建于1990年是一家能同时自主研制生产铁制阀门、管件的专业化企业,下辖精密铸造分厂现有员工160名,占地面积150000平方米,是集科研、 开发、铸造、加工、生产、销售一体化的科技型企业。 Hebei Xingye Valve Fitting Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Botou Industrial Development Zone, Hebei Province. Our company was founded in 1990. It is a professional enterprise that can independently develop and produce iron valves and pipe fittings. The branch factory has 160 employees and covers an area of 150,000 square meters. It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, development, casting, processing, production and sales.
Our company independently researched and obtained many national patents according to the needs of the water supply industry. The main products of our company are pipeline leak plugging devices, flange type two-in-one tees, nail pipe expanders, water meter telescopic filters, Haff joint tees, Soft-sealed gate valve, anti-nail nail tube expander, soft-sealed butterfly valve, hydraulic control valve, anti-theft ball manhole cover, flexible adaptor, flexible expander, quick-connect direct, water trap, single disc compensator and other pipeline installation repair parts and valves It is widely used in various pipelines and equipment in industries such as tap water gas heating mine railways.
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