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  • Everything is constantly evolving, especially the Internet

    Everything is constantly evolving, especially the speed of the Internet. However, careful webmasters will find that one skill has always been stagnant. To be precise, it is inspired by the mobile Internet ...
    Release time: 2018-12-20 Click times: 157

  • Why articles on your website are not always included

    Why have some website articles not been entered for a long time on my website optimization? From the perspective of Hejian Network, there are still many webmasters who have these questions? Today's Hejian Network Company sums it up for us ...
    Release time: 2018-09-12 Clicks: 91

  • Hejian website construction introduces the principle of Internet operation

    The so-called computer network is an information technology system that connects independent computer hosts (nodes) through communication lines. The Internet is a global-scale plan based on the principles of packet communication and the TCP / IP protocol ...
    Release time: 2018-05-18 Hits: 181

  • How to choose the team that makes your website

    Hejian Website Production Company tells you that you need to pay attention to the following points when choosing an Internet team to make a website: 1. Are you a local (having a local household registration) practitioner? 2. Is it a regular domestic senior ...
    Release time: 2018-04-09 Click times: 137

  • The impact of text layout on Hejian website production

    The layout of the page layout produced by the Hejian website must be inseparable from the text content and even occupy the main body of the website. Then, as one of the important elements on the website, the layout planning will directly affect the user experience, ...
    Release time: 2018-03-01 Clicks: 199

  • Which Hejian Baidu promotion company is good? Evaluation Criteria of Internet Companies

    What kind of Hejian Baidu promotion company is the best? Many people's review specifications are the price, spend less money, and do things more. Hejian Baidu promotion company is the best. Many customers who require websites must first look at the offer. ...
    Release time: 2018-01-25 Clicks: 161

  • Hejian Website Design

    A beautiful website, without any loader, few pictures, clean pages, and very popular visits. Such a website is a good website that we can add to the five-star rating in our mind. If such a website ...
    Release time: 2018-01-02 Click times: 176

  • For companies, mobile phone website construction is now indispensable

    The vast majority of corporate websites are built on PC websites, although corporate websites are still mainly built on PC websites, however, as more and more people love to visit websites via mobile phones, although the PC side can also pass ...
    Release time: 2017-12-12 Clicks: 108

  • How to optimize the external chain of a small website's corporate website

    The optimization of large websites depends on content, and the optimization of small websites depends on external links. Enterprise websites generally belong to small websites. Therefore, the optimization of corporate websites is primarily based on external links. Doing external links is a headache, but on the one hand ...
    Release time: 2017-11-22 Clicks: 56

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